Welcome to Montgomery Victory Gardens!

[A new initiative that might interest my readers in Montgomery County, Maryland – or anyone else you might live, where I’m sure someone is doing the same thing!]


Do you want healthy, delicious food, free of chemicals and contaminants?

Do you want your food grown closer than 1500 miles away?

Would you like to build community with friends, neighbors, and the farmers of Montgomery County, Maryland?

Then welcome to Montgomery Victory Gardens – a new non-profit initiative devoted to helping people grow their own food, and connecting us with each other and local farmers and food suppliers to build a more vigorous, self-reliant and sustainable local food system in Montgomery County, Maryland.

As documented by authors such as Michael Pollan, (The Omnivore’s Dilemma), and current films (“Food, Inc.” and “Fresh”) our national food system is not only unhealthy and unsustainable, it’s downright dangerous.

From the effects on our national health of a high sugar, high carbohydrate diet (1/3 of all Americans born after 2000 are expected to contract diabetes), to the now regular outbreaks of food-borne illness such as salmonella and e-coli in our overly centralized system, to the effects on the land, water and atmosphere of an industrial, chemical and fossil-fuel based system of agriculture, it is clear that we have to change the way we get our food.

Montgomery Victory Gardens is our response. The collaboration of local food gardeners, farmers, and food and environmental activists (yes, I’m one of them!), Montgomery Victory Gardens is a way to build (or grow!) that local food system.

Visit Montgomery Victory Gardens to find the following:

* Easy-to-use resources to grow your own food, including written materials, phone and email hotlines and classes with Master Gardeners

* Community gardens in your area, and yard sharing options with neighbors

* Farmers markets, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), and restaurants
featuring local food

* Opportunities for young people to learn food gardening and sustainable agriculture while receiving Student Service Learning credits

* Updates and news on local food developments

and much more!

In another time of great challenge, Americans grew nearly half of their own produce in millions of World War II “Victory Gardens.” As we face the many challenges of our day, it is time for us to step up again.

For a victory over an unhealthy and dangerous corporate food system…

For a victory for a nutritious and delicious diet, local farmers, and a restored and renewed landscape in Montgomery County…

Come join us at Montgomery Victory Gardens!

Gordon Clark

Note: – While I have occasionally posted commentary on food issues in this space in the past and no doubt will again, Montgomery Victory Gardens is a separate entity and email list which will be devoted entirely to food news and the establishment of a sustainable, enjoyable, LOCAL food system. Come join us!


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