Bill Maher on Democrats and Republicans / Go see Food Inc.!

Be prepared to laugh.

If you think the Republicans have gone to la-la land, and you’re a smidge disappointed in the Democrats because of, oh, I don’t know – expanding war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, backsliding on civil rights, gay rights, government transparency and mountaintop removal coal mining, wholesale capitulation to corporations on health care reform, climate change legislation and Wall St. regulation – then you will enjoy this short interpretation of our current political scene from comedic superstar Bill Maher.

He explains pretty clearly why I ran as a Green last year against a centrist, corporate Democrat… except of course that Bill Maher is much funnier when he says it.  Enjoy!

(Please note: the relevant piece comes about 2 minutes into the video, although the first two minutes are pretty funny too!)

Click here to watch Bill Maher on Democrats and Republicans

Go see Food, Inc.!

For those of you thinking more and more about food issues, you should check out Food, Inc., currently playing at the Bethesda Row Cinema and the E Street Cinema in D.C.  It features (among many others) Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, and is a powerful exposé of our current highly dangerous, corporate-controlled food system – and also tells you what you can do about it.

Happy 4th!


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